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العدد الاول العام الدراسي 2018

عدد البحوث 9 


تاسم الباحثاسم البحثالبحث
 1  Takea Shaker A., ** Husamuldeen Salim Mohammed Saeed
Effects of Grape Seeds Oil on the Antioxidants of Alloxan
Induced Diabetes in Rats
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 *Musab M Khalaf **Imad A Thanoon *** Mahfoth S Hassan
Effect of Olanzapine and Risperidone on prolactin level in
schizophrenic patients
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 3  Shameran M. Tawfiq
Isolation and identification Streptococcus pneumonia from
contact lenses of conjunctivitis and keratitis patients with
bacteria resistance to antibiotics.
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 4  Shaymaa Abd-alkader Mahdy Effect of hydrocortisone and olive oil on phagocytes  اضغط هنا
 Mazin A. Yadigar, **Yasir I. Abbas, ***Shayma S. khuder
The Effect of L-carnitine supplement on seminal fluid
parameters in males with infertility
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 6  *Mohammed Nather Maa'roof Iman Muwafaq Azeez
Isolation and Identification of some Bacterial Species
From Cervix Infected Women in Salahuddin Governorate
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 Nuha Saleem Mohammed Ali
In Vitro new experimentally culture media for Leishmania
species cultivation
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Mohannad F. Shareef Al_Doury ,** Dr. Abdulrahman K.A.Al_Taiee ,
***Dr. Asmaa A.M.Al_Rashidy
Spectrophotometric determination of Trifluoperazine
Hydrochloride by oxidative coupling reaction with 4- amino benzoic
acid using potassium iodate
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Wasan Nazhan Al-Assie, **Hadeel Abdulhadi Omear, ***Faik Ibrahime Ali,
****Adnan Fadhel Al-azawey
Polymorphism studying of the Angiotensin-converting gene for a
group of patients with myocardial infarction in Saladin Governorate
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